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The spectrophotometer SAFAS UVmc TM has the world’s best performances to achieve thermal melt studies, with its ultra-fast cuvette holder for 10 cuvettes totally insulated and temperature-controlled by a powerful Peltier system, highly accurate. The thermal homogeneity is 0.1°C and regulation is achieved from -4°C to +110°C.

Obviously, the cuvette holder is designed so as the external parts remain at ambient temperature during the whole studies, thus providing full safety to the users, and enabling to avoid any kind of thermal drift in the optics.

Because the SAFAS spectrophotometers are seriously designed, the cuvettes are aligned, never set in a rotative carousel or even worse, in staggered rows...

Some systems inside which electronic circuits or electronic components can be seen inside the cuvette holder, are involving a risk for users and a compromised reliability of the unit. Contrary to these units, the UVmc has no electronic boards inside the compartment. Only the Peltier modules are present and duly sealed inside the cuvette holder, out of reach of projections and vapours. The cuvette holder has direct drive and is able to measure the 10 samples in only 5 seconds, so as to avoid any kind of time delay or temperature difference between measurements on several cuvettes.

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Thanks to the high Peltier power available, speeds as high as 85°C/min can be reached, while ensuring a high accuracy of 0.1°C over all cuvettes and at any temperature, even during increasing ramps, decreasing ramps and stops.

Dry air inlets enable to avoid condensation at low temperatures.

The instrument has the amazing capability to measure with compartment opened, thanks to an exclusive technology. Measurements can be achieved on 10 cuvettes and at up to 10 different wavelengths, with high speeds.

The UVmc TM is conforming to European Pharmacopoeia and our software, which updates are free of charge, are available in a version conforming to FDA 21CFR part 11.

The SAFAS UVmc TM just has a footprint of 45cm, and the computer can be placed on the top of the cover if necessary, as it has been strengthened and designed flat for that reason.