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Introducing the 1st grating UV-Vis spectrophotometer and the 1st oxymeter to H.M.S.H. the Prince Rainier III

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Recognized like a large visionary and called "Prince Bâtisseur" (Builder), His Most Serene Highness the Prince Rainier III was also very interested by the technologies of the future, just like his ancestor S.A.S. Prince Albert 1st, highly reputed oceanographer, famous for his arctic expeditions and for creating the famous Oceanographical Museum of Monaco.

The picture shows the presentation to H.M.S.H. the Prince Rainier III by Dr. I.Bussotti and Engineer G.Bussotti of the first grating UV-Vis spectrophotometers, and of the first oxymeters, created by SAFAS. H.M.S.H. the Prince Rainier III was very interested and highly encouraged the company to go on innovating in the scientific and medical research fields.

Today, after 62 years of major innovations in spectroscopy and medicine, SAFAS goes on innovating in spectroscopy, and particularly in the field of the scientific and medical research, in which its action is in perfect harmony with the will of H.M.S.H. the Prince Albert II and his family for a better world, a humane action increasingly more present, and for the fight against diseases in the world.