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Conformity to European Pharmacopoeia

After introducing in 1968 the world’s first automatic dissolution testing spectrophotometer, already with continuous measurements in 8 reactors and compensation of blank evolutions, SAFAS has been developing a strong experience and know-how in Pharmaceutical field, thus developing instruments perfectly fulfilling the needs of Pharmaceutical labs, and optimised to conform to European Pharmacopoeia.

Our models designed for Pharmaceutical use not only conform to all requirements of European Pharmacopoeia when they are new, but they also provide a long term conformity, involving low ownership costs, unlike other instruments which require regular replacements of optics and other parts to keep conforming to the validation requirements.

Regarding conformity to European Pharmacopoeia, and corresponding validations, we are highly qualified and experienced to provide you the most efficient service, and fulfil the needs of the most demanding Pharmaceutical Industries.

Regular maintenances and/or validations can be achieved, and we can supply standards and automatic validation software for our instruments: in a few seconds, a kit of standards conforming to are inserted in the instruments, and in a few minutes a complete report of conformity can be printed.