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A BUILT-IN TOUCHSCREEN, SWIVELLING on a FLEXIBLE ARM, EASY and CHEAP to REPLACE on an UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER? Another ingenious innovation on the new evolutive series SAFAS UVmc TouchSnake

A touchscreen is a nice solution, but when it is used to drive instruments, it is often not ideally placed, too small or too far from the eyes, subject to damage by corrosive liquid projections, expensive to replace when built-in, and not allowing updates or evolution… SAFAS brings you the solution : all the advantages of a touchscreen, without the drawbacks ! An ingenious flexible arm holds a wide touchscreen in front of the face of the operator, exactly where he likes, out of reach of liquid sprays. Driving the instrument and following-up the measurements remain possible at any moment, even when the compartment lid is opened, so as the user can fully profit by the exclusive SAFAS technology enabling to measure at open sky, thus allowing easy injections of reagents during the experiments.