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Disculpe, esta pagina ya no està disponible en Español.

Hi, thank you for contacting SAFAS.

We will ask you to be so kind to fill up the present form, so as to enable us to fulfil your requirements as efficiently and promptly as possible.

As there is nothing as boring as forms systematically refusing to be sent just because of fields not filled, or letters inserted instead of figures, THERE IS NO MANDATORY FIELD IN THE PRESENT FORM, AND NO MISTAKEN CHARACTER WILL BE REFUSED.

We would anyway be grateful if you could fill up the form as accurately as possible, overall SPECIFYING YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL ADDRESS because we may have to contact you to better define your needs, and present you some innovative technologies which you may not be aware of.

Don’t forget that an e-mail is not reliable at 100%: if you don’t get promptly news from us, please be so kind to call us by phone or send an e-mail to safas@safas.com.

Thank you in advance !

Sr Sra Sta      |      Ing Dr Pr

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If you wish us to develop and manufacture for you an OEM instrument, or if you need a specific instrument to be developed for your application, or if you feel necessary to provide any complementary comment, please input it hereafter.


Por favor, copie el código más abajo para enviar este formulario. Por favor, respectar Mayùscula/Minùscula.

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